Asset Management

Note: This service is currently not available, and will be after EquitySoft pursues to become legally registered as an investment  management entity. 

We begin by understanding each client’s performance goals, risk profile and determining their wealth objectives, We then design a plan to guide the asset management process by systematically allocating capital, researching and selecting appropriate investment strategies.

Management Strategies

Internal Investment Management

Assets managed will be allocated to EquitySoft’s own strategies. 

Fund of Funds

Assets managed will be allocated to and managed by other AI funds. 

Allocation Solutions

Active Allocation

One of our dedicated portfolio managers will actively diversify and re-allocate your investment capital based on your performance goals and risk tolerance level. We will constantly monitor external and internal risks of our strategises and their performance to ensure proper allocation.

Active allocation can be applied to both publicly traded securities and asset classes, and alternative, private exotic asset classes. 

Robo or Computational Allocation

EquitySoft will place your invested assets in the hands of our custom designed robo advisors that will computationally diversify and re-allocate assets based on your performance and risk parameters across our propietary investment algorithms.   

Robotic or computational allocation can only be applied to publicly traded securities in the capital markets. 

Hybrid Management

Combining human active management with our custom computational allocation system helps you to take on the best active management with smart AI-based investment management. 

A hybrid investment management system can apply to a your unique combination of both or either of publicly traded securities with private and exotic asset classes.